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AITH 1977

  In December 1977 the Ramsay Dyce continued to be in Shetland with a service in the winter. When the Aberdeen trawler "Elinor Viking' ran aground off the Chubb, which is the most southerly part of the Ve Skerries, on the afternoon of December 9th. 1977, in heavy seas and a southeasterly gale, the relief 52ft. Barnett class lifeboat 'Ramsay Dyce', on temporary duty at Aith. At 4-40 p.m she was called to service with Coxswain Kenny Henry. But the crew of 8 from the trawler were winched to safety by the crew of a British Airways helicopter and the lifeboat returned to station. As a direct result of this incident, a warning light was erected on the Ve Skerries in 1979.